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Taitaja9 is a positive, practical handicraft competition that pulls in competitors from grades 7 to 9 together with their supporters. The fast-paced event is a fun way to get to know different vocational fields.


Taitaja9 is a competition for the whole upper comprehensive school. The competition is playful, but the tasks certainly demand agility and creativity. In the local competition, it is permitted for several teams to participate from the same school. Each team contains three people, and the participants must be in grades 7 to 9. A particular team may have students from different classes and grades, but the team members must be from the same school.

Competition stages

The Taitaja9 competition consists of three stages:

  • Local competitions, from which the most successful teams go on to the regional competition for their area.
  • Regional competitions, from which the best teams in the region go on to the national final.
  • The final, which is held in the spring as part of the national Taitaja event.

Around 80 local and 12 regional competitions are held in Finland each year. The Taitaja9 competition final is held each year as part of the national Taitaja vocational skill competition.