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About us

Skills Finland is a non-profit organisation that promotes the appreciation of Finnish vocational education and skills both in Finland and abroad.

The association, founded in 1993, works together with partners who share similar values and goals and an interest in promoting vocational education and training.

Skills Finland's members and supporters include the Ministry of Education and Culture, the National Board of Education, vocational institutions and the most important labour and education organisations.

Skills Finland is a member of, and represents Finland in, the international organisations WorldSkills International, WorldSkills Europe and International Abilympic Federation. Skills Finland was also responsible for organising the WorldSkills competition in Helsinki in 2005.

Our objectives

Skills Finland wants to be a builder of the world’s best vocational competence. We aim to improve the quality of VET, to promote the internationalisation of VET, to increase the attractiveness of VET, and to encourage students to improve their professional and entrepreneurial skills.

How we work

The national Taitaja competition, held each year, attracts the most attention towards the association’s activities. It is through the Taitaja competition, for instance, that students at vocational institutions can move on to training for international skills competitions. Skills Finland makes the arrangements for the Finnish national team and coordinates and develops it's training. In 2005 we organised WorldSkills Helsinki competition.

Board and working committee

The Chair of the Board is Ms. Marja Vartiainen from Vantaa Vocational College Varia.

In addition to members from the National Board of Education and representatives of vocational education, trade unions as well as both student and teacher unions have seats on the association's board.

The board of Skills Finland has 5 to 6 meetings per year. The members of the board are committed to supporting the purpose of the association and acting in line with its goals. The board handles the association's affairs according to the laws and rules and the association's decisions.

The working committee is in charge of preparative work for the board. It assembles 9 to 10 times per year and makes decisions within its granted authority. The working committee follows up on the implementation of the association's action plan, performance goals, budget and cash position on an operational level.

The Strategy of Skills Finland

Skills Finland, together with its partners, is building the best expertise in the world. Skills Finland's new strategy “Skills Finland 2030” is focused on themes such as individualized education paths, entrepreneurship, learning from others, sustainable development and responsibility.

Skills Finland 2030 (pdf)

Strategy visualisation (png)