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National Skills Competition Taitaja

Taitaja is a showcase for vocational education and training, providing the opportunity to find out about dozens of different professions. The event draws in tens of thousands of visitors every year. The next Taitaja event will be held in Espoo in May 2023.


The winners of Welfare Technology at Taitaja2022 in Pori. Image: Marina Malkova / Skills Finland.

Taitaja is the largest single annual vocational education and training event organized in Finland. We aim at promoting vocational education, improving connections to entrepreneurs and companies and increasing awareness of the vocational education and professional skills.

Next Taitaja event will take place on 8–11 May 2023 in Espoo, Finland.

Taitaja2023 website

Taitaja 2022–2033

The Finnish VET providers have agreed on a rotation of Taitaja in different parts of Finland until the year 2033. This enables the long-term collaborative development of the event.

Taitaja2022 Pori
Taitaja 2023 Espoo
Taitaja 2024 Kuopio
Taitaja 2025 Turku
Taitaja 2026 Seinäjoki
Taitaja 2027 Lahti
Taitaja 2028 Joensuu
Taitaja 2029 Tampere
Taitaja 2030 Helsinki
Taitaja 2031 Vaasa
Taitaja 2032 South Eastern Finland
Taitaja 2033 Lapland