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Noora Salo, Taitajien Taitaja, wants to be a good role model

Noora Salo, a student at the Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College, was selected as the new ambassador for vocational skills competitions and vocational education and training in the Taitaja2021 Oulu competition.


Noora Salo won the Visual Sales skill competition in the Taitaja2021 Oulu competition. Image: Jouni Ylisuutari (OSAO) / Skills Finland.

– As a Taitajien Taitaja, I want to motivate and encourage young people who are on the fence about studying at vocational education and training schools. I try to be a good role model. I represent my field as well as vocational education and training in the whole Finland. I look forward to telling my story, Noora says.

In her representation duties, Noora gets to cruise around in a Toyota Yaris hybrid car which she has at her disposal as a Taitajien Taitaja for the next year. Noora will get her driving licence in June, so the first longer drive will be from Oulu to Helsinki when she goes to pick up the car.

Satisfied student aim for further studies

Noora will graduate from the Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College with a Business degree specialising in sales and marketing this spring. She has been studying in two educations at the same time, and she still has a some upper secondary school studies left in the autumn.

– The best thing about studying has been learning new things and the experiences gained through school and studies. I was really nervous about the Taitaja competition but I managed to do pretty well in all the competitions. Winning was still a surprise, Noora says.

In the summer, Noora will be the main visualist in the new restaurant concept on the Malmi campus in Perho and will manage a gym marketing project. She is also interested in further studies, for example in administration or visual marketing.

What is a Taitajien Taitaja?

The Jury of the Taitaja Competition has selected a Taitajien Taitaja (The Most Skilled Person) among the competitors since 2002. The rules state the selection criteria as follows: "Taitajien Taitaja is the best competitor in their skill. They are proud of their skills, profession, and vocational training. They are a positive and extroverted representative of their skill and vocational education and training. Taitajien Taitaja is willing and able to act as a representative of their professional field, and vocational education and training as a whole.“

You can find the previous persons named Taitajien Taitaja on the section Taitaja Through the Ages.


As Taitajien Taitaja, Noora will have a hybrid car at her disposal for one year. Image: Jouni Ylisuutari (OSAO) / Skills Finland.