Strategy 2030 – Skills Finland towards the world's best vocational expertise

Seija_Rasku.jpgSkills Finland's ordinary meeting has approved of Skills Finland's new strategy "Skills Finland 2030". The chairperson of the board, Seija Rasku writes about the new strategy and the changes it brings with it.

I am excited to introduce Skills Finland’s new strategy “Skills Finland 2030”. The organizations ordinary meeting approved the strategy in September 2019. The strategy has been prepared in co-operation with the organization’s members and the wide Skills-network, starting in early 2018. The process was launched at Skills Finland’s 25-year seminar in Ellivuori, Sastamala. The most important part of the new strategy is the core of Skills Finland’s operation, i.e. competitions and coaching and the opportunities and positive effects they create. Through consciousness of our strengths and focusing on them we justify our existence and reach our goals.

Many things have changed in comparison to the previous strategy, but some parts remain unchanged. Our vision, mission and values were according to the board that worked on the new strategy still relevant, with some minor adjustments. Our vision is still to promote the world’s best vocational expertise. Our mission is to together develop vocational skills and improve their appreciation. We aim for growth, excellence in skills and a sustainable future. Our values are: We challenge ourselves to act openly, honestly, wisely and skilfully, and to celebrate our achievements.

In the new strategy we’ve tried to give a strong answer to the phenomenon of change that the organizations board and members considered to be most important for our future: changes in labour and technological development, demographic changes, environmental and climate change as well as the circular economy and inclusion.

Skills Finland’s strategic goals regarding competitions and coaching

  1. offer opportunities to develop individual learning paths to excellence in skills and strengthens learning results
  2. foster new skills and talents to meet the demands of working life
  3. increase participants employability, entrepreneurship and placement in further studies
  4. offer a chance for mutual learning and encourage individuals, the working life and educational institutions to continuous learning
  5. raise awareness regarding vocational education and the opportunities within it as well as improve its attractiveness.

Of these I want to place focus on the opportunities that competitions and coaching offer when it comes to mutual learning and their importance in encouraging studies. Competitions and coaching encourage and teach students, teachers, employers’ representatives and leaders of the educational institutions.

Every strategic goal is complimented by 2–3 strategic activities that guide us towards our strategic goals and vision. Altogether we have 11 strategic activities. Beyond that every goal has been further defined through indicators.
Get acquainted with our new strategy and join our journey towards the world’s best vocational expertise!

Skills Finland Strategy 2030 (pdf)