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Vocational skills competitions are a prime spot for companies to recruit employees with a pristine skillset. They also provide students with a great opportunity to meet potential employers.


Competitions give companies the chance to help develop the education and an avenue for students to stay up to date with their field. During competitions a company receives positive publicity and gets to market their products and services to a very targeted demographic. Vocational skills competitions also present an opportunity to further educate staff.

Competitions offer

  • a recruitment channel for companies and an opportunity for students to learn about potential employers
  • an opportunity for companies and vocat­ional education institutions to train their own staff
  • an opportunity for companies to market their products and services
  • an opportunity for companies and vocat­ional education institutions to gain positive visibility
  • an opportunity for companies to participate in development of vocational education and a channel for students to get the most current information on the professional world.

Cooperation possibilities

Custom cooperation packages have been de­signed for the Taitaja event, and companies can select from these the one that best suits them. In addition to money, other factors of val­ue include materials, equipment, leased devices and work contributions, which are all needed at the event.

Open trials are organised for international competitions, and companies and vocational colleges can send their own representative to compete in these. Companies can support the national vocational skills team also by participat­ing in a competitor's training or expert fees. In addition to money, factors that are of value in cooperation include materials, equipment, leas­ed devices and work contributions, all of which are needed during training or competition trips.

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