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Skills Finland's strategy 2030

Strategy presentation (pdf)

Strategy visualization (png)

Strategy video (link to Youtube)

In advocation of vocational skills – Skills Finland 1993–2013

Publication covers Skills Finland's history from it's founding in 1993 until the 20th anniversary in 2013.

In advocation of vocational skills – Skills Finland 1993–2013 (pdf)

Information about VET in Finland


Vocational Qualifications in Finland 2019
This brochure gives an overview of Vocational Qualifications in Finland. The three biggest VET sectors are technology, communications and transport; social sciences, business and administration, and social services, health and sports.

Finnish VET in Fact and Figures
This brochure gives an overview of Finnish Vocational upper secondary education.

Internationalisation of VET - Finland
In this brochure - Internationalisation of VET - you can find some statistical data on mobility and information on development of internationalisation of VET in Finland.

Finnish VET in a nutshell
Finnish vocational education and training is competence-based and customer-oriented. The purpose of VET is to increase and maintain the vocational skills of the population, develop commerce and industry and respond to its competence needs.

Reports and publications

Key figures on vocational education and training in Finland
This report gives and overview of Finnish VET and provides information on the structure and contents of vocational education and training: on student and teaching staff numbers: on the course of VET studies; and on transition from VET to further education and work.  This report describes the Finnish VET system in the light of basic statistical data including comparisons at a general level with OECD countries and the situation in the other Nordic countries and Estonia.

Facts Express 4 C/2019: Finnish vocational education and training going global
In this publication, we’ll present non-EU cooperation in VET and VET mobility outside the EU as well asits development in numbers. In addition, we’ll look at how global activities are currently funded, what objectives they have and their achievements.

Cedefop's publications

Vocational education and training in Finland
This short description contributes to better understanding of vocational education and training (VET) in Finland by providing insight into its main features and highlighting system developments and current challenges.

Spotlight on VET Finland
Finnish vocational education and training (VET) is competence-based and learner-oriented. Cedefop's brief guide provides all the information you need on Finland's VET system in a concise manner.

Vocational education and training (VET) in Finland (video)

Best Practices for Competitions

Publication shows with examples how Finnish vocational institutions use skills competitions to develop vocational education and training.

Order printed publication from Published in 2017.

Best Practices for Competitions (pdf)

In Swedish: Läroanstalternas bästa praxis för tävlingsverksamhet (pdf)

In Finnish: Oppilaitosten parhaat käytännöt kilpailutoimintaan (pdf)


Cooperation with Companies

How do companies benefit from vocational skills competitions? What do vocational institutions gain? We gathered a bunch of examples of succesful cooperation into a brochure, which is also available in printed form.

The brochure on cooperation (pdf)

In Finnish: Esite yritysyhteistyöstä (pdf)


WorldSkills Helsinki 2005

Final report WorldSkills 2005 Helsinki 38th WorldSkills Competition

Final Report, Schlussbericht, Rapport Final

In English, Deutsch, Français (pdf, 9 Mt)


WorldSkills 2005 Helsinki – World Championship Competition in Vocational Skills. Top excellence, success and learning together. (pdf)
Heikki Saarinen & Tuomas Eerola (toim./ed.)