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Why skills competitions?

Skills competitions are a way to develop VET education and increase its attractiveness in Finland.


For us, the purpose of the skills competitions are to

  • develop vocational training
  • promote professional excellence and to increase people’s appreciation of different vocations
  • give teachers opportunities to network and improve their professional skills
  • give students an opportunity to meet others and compare their own skills with others: working methods, tools, work environment, and comparison of learning outcomes
  • increase cooperation between companies and educational institutions
  • strengthen the link between working life and vocational education
  • increase recruitment opportunities – connecting the demand for workers with the supply
  • increase people’s awareness and appreciation of various occupations and professional skills
  • present career opportunities.

Why do skills competitions work in Finland

  • Competitions are linked with national VET policy
  • Each competition has the objectives of its own
  • Competition is a process, not only an event – utilisation and dissemination of results are part of the process
  • All the stakeholders are involved – networks
  • Enable long term development activities – not a project, not only a skills show
  • A positive, innovative and joyful way of cooperating and communicating