Team Finland 2018

Finnish competitors to EuroSkills Budapest 2018 were selected through trial competitions during the autumn 2017. Team Finland was announced in the end of January 2018.

More information from Teija Ripattila, Chief Training Manager (+358 40 455 2020,


EuroSkills Budapest 2018, Finnish competitors (pdf)

EuroSkills Budapest 2018, Finnish experts (pdf)

team leaders

Team leaders 2018 are Minna Alanko-Pirinen (Tampere Vocational College Tredu), Emmi-Maria Husu (Skills Finland) and Taneli Ylinen (Helsinki Vocational College).


Official Delegate is Chief Training Manager Teija Ripattila from Skills Finland. Ms Ripattila is a member of WorldSkills Europe Board. Technical Delegate is Mr Tapio Kattainen from Helsinki Business College.

SECretariat and communications

Executive Director Eija Alhojärvi, Office Manager Maria Atzmon, Communications Manager Katja Katajamäki, Communications Assistant Anni Ketola and Abilympics Coordinator Matti Kauppinen.